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Hotels in Recife

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Brazil's fifth largest city, though it still preserves its tranquility and relaxed life style. It has an outstanding and vibrant folk culture. Olinda, 4 miles from Recife, with centuries-old churches and mansions, is one of Brazil's loveliest colonial vestiges. It was designated by UNESCO as a Historical, Natural and Cultural Patrimony of Mankind.


General Info



The average temperature of Recife is from 23o to 28o Centigrade. The temperature is stable most of the year. Although Recife is as hot as Rio in the summer, it enjoys a tropical breeze and less humidity, which makes it a lot more agreeable during the months of January and February.

Lightweight casual clothing is appropriate all year round.

220 V

Both national and international flights operate out of Guarapes airport, which is 12 km from the city centre.

Recife has a wide network of hotels catering for both tourists and business travellers on every kind of budget.

Normal business hours are from 9am to 6pm. Some shops stay open later. Banks open from 10am to 4pm.

Taxis are plentiful around the city. Fares double on Sundays.

Contact the hotel reception for the nearest clinic or hospital if needed.

How to get there

The international airport, Guararapes, is situated very close to the hotel district. You can get to your hotel in as little as 5 minutes.

Specially trained guides will receive clients on the other side of customs with a name board and, on the way to the hotel, they will give all the necessary information about arrangements for the client´s stay in Recife.

For those who opt not to make use of this important service, other transport is available:

There are air-conditioned buses to the hotel district and centre. However, we don´t really recommend them as a taxi will cost not much more and ensures a much smoother transfer. A regular taxi to the hotel district costs about 5 US$ and a special airport taxi with air- conditioning costs about twice as much.

The City

Recife is Brazil's fifth largest city, though it still preserves its tranquility and relaxed life style.
From its past, Recife still has a notable array of colonial buildings, an inheritance left by the Portuguese and Dutch.

Recife is called The "Venice of Brazil" thanks to its canals and waterways which criss-cross the city and the innumerable bridges over them.

Recife is also a land of glorious beaches such as Boa Viagem, Pina and Porto das Galinhas.

Olinda, 4 miles from Recife, with centuries-old churches and mansions, is one of Brazil's loveliest colonial vestiges. It was designated by UNESCO as a Historical, Natural and Cultural Patrimony of Mankind.

Recife also has an outstanding and vibrant folk culture, where such dances as "frevo", "maracatu" and "xaxado" are very popular, and Olinda is the site of one of Brazil's largest annual street Carnivals.

Olinda's Carnival has unique characteristics: The local beats of "frevo" and "maracatu" rhythms predominate, "frevo" groups sway to the music with ardent passion, huge "papier-mache" figures caricature folk heroes and well-known politicians, richly hand-crafted banners flutter in the air.



Pernambuco's origins date back to the period of the so-called "capitanias hereditarias", donated by Portugal's King to Duarte Coelho, who arrived in Pernambuco, then know as Nova Luzitania, in 1535, having settled in Olinda. The villages of Igarassu and Olinda, the first state capital, were founded in 1537. Pernambuco's development, which began with sugarcane and cotton plantations, attracted a large number of Europeans to the region. Between 1630 and 1654 the region was taken by the Dutch, who set Olinda on fire and elected Recife as the capital of their Brazilian domain. Throughout this period, Count Mauricio de Nassau ruled the Dutch Brazil. His administration was underscored by economic, social and cultural changes. The strong resistance on the part of Portuguese, Brazilian-Portuguese, African and Indian people(already Christianized),ended up by having the Dutch expelled from the region.
Pernambuco's historical background is pervaded by conflicts and rebellions of different natures. In 1710, the region witnessed the "Guerra dos Mascates" (the Peddlers' War), which turned Portuguese tradesmen settled in Recife against the mill owners of Olinda, who had great influence over the "capitanias", considering that Olinda was then the seat of the local public power. As of this event, the region went through a period of decadence, which lasted near a century.

In 1811 several secessionism-oriented rebellions broke out in the region. In 1817, discontent with Portuguese ruling led to the so-called "Revolucao Pernambucana" (Pernambuco's Rebellion), which resulted in the establishment of the Equator Confederation, a secessionist movement of republican inspiration. Twenty years later, the "Rebeliao Praieira" (Beach Rebellion) breaks out, bringing back republican ideas. The movement was smothered four years later, in 1848.



Bargaco - Av. Boa Viagem, 670 (Pina), tel. 465-1847; cc: all, 12h/24h.


Chinatown - R. dos Navegantes, 1213 (BoaViagem), tel. 326-8865; cc: all,12h/15h, 19h/23h.


Porcao - Av. Eng., Domingos Ferreira, 4215 (Boa Viagem), tel. 465-3999; cc: all,11h/Oh3O. Rodizio.

Marrua (Recife Monte Hotel) - R. Petrolina/R. dos Navegantes, 363 (BoaViagem), tel. 465-1160; cc: all, 12h/24h.

Spettus - Av. Agamenon Magalhaes, 2132 (Derby), tel. 423-4122; cc: all, 11h3O/1h. Rodizio.

Alphaiate - Av. Boa Viagem, 1400 (Boa Viagem), tel. 465-7588; cc: Ae, D, Mc, 12h/24h.


Arcada Bistro (hotel) - Av. Cons. Aguiar, 3500 (Boa Viagem), tel. 465-6499; cc: all, 19h3O/24h. Closed Sun.


Buongustaio - R. Sto. Elias, 350 (Espinheiro), tel. 241-1470, 19h/24h. closed Mon.

Barbarico Bongiovanni - Av. Eng. Domingos Ferreira, 2655 (Boa Viagem), tel. 325-4268; cc: all, 12h/ 16h, 19h/1h. Closed Mon.

Alfredo di Roma - Av. Bernardo Vieira de Melo, 1204 (Piedade) (mun. de Jaboatao dos Guararapes), tel. 468-4456; cc: all, 12h/15h, 19h/1h.

Via Appia - R. Visc. de Jequitinhonha, 1352 (Setubal), tel. 341-4266; cc: Ae, D, Mc, 12h/15h, 19h/24h.


Quina do Futuro - R. Xavier Marques, 134 (Aflitos), tel. 241-9589, 11h3O/l4h3O, 18h/23h. Closed sun.

Futaba - R. Manoel de Brito, 44 (Pina), tel. 326-8728, 18h3O/24h. Closed sun.

Sushi Bar - (Mar Hotel) - R. Br. Souza Ledo, 45 1, 15, (Boa Viagem), tel. 462-4444; cc: all, 19h/1h. Closed mon.


Canto da Barra (Praia) - Av. Bernardo Vieira de Melo, 9150 (Candeias) (Barra de jangada) (Mun. de Jaboatao dos Guararapes), tel. 468-2624; cc: D, Mc, V, 12h/24h.

Costa do Sol - Av. Bernardo Vieira de Melo, 8036 (Candeias) (mun. de Jaboatao dos Guararapes), tel. 468-2111; cc: Ae, D, Mc, 12h/16h, 19h/24h.

PraVoces - Av. Herculano Bandeira de Brito, 11 5 (Pina), tel. 465-1379; cc: all, 11h/1h.


Tasca - R. D. Jose Lopes, 165 (Boa Viagem), tel. 326-6309; cc: Ae, at, 18h3O/24h; sun 11h3O/l6h and 18h/24h. Closed mon. Traditional Portuguese cuisine.

Recanto Lusitano - R. Cel. Antonio Vicente, 284 (Boa Viagem), tel. 462-2161, 12h/15h, 18h/24h; sun 11h/16h. Closed Mon. Traditional Portuguese cuisine.

Cantinho do Camoes - R. 48, 478 (Espinheiro), tel. 222-1860; cc: V, M, 12h/18h.


da Mira - Av. Dr. Enrico Chaves, 916 (antigo Beco do Quiabo)(Casa Amarela), tel. 268-6241, 11h/16h, 19h/24h; sat/sun 11h/18h.

0 Buraco de Otilia - R. da Aurora, 1231 (Sto.Amaro), tel. 231-1528; cc: D, Mc,V, 11h/15h.

Edmilson - Av. Maria Irene, 311 (Aeroporto), tel. 341-0644; cc: all, 11h3O/24h.

Edmilson II - R. Jose Trajano, 82 / Av. Eng. Domingos Ferreira (Boa Viagem), tel. 325-3259; cc: all, 11h/1h.

Expedito - R. Francisco Silveira, 24 (Afogados), 11h/22h.

Delirios e Delicias - R. Visc. do Livramento, 314 (Derby), tel. 423-3776; cc: all, 1Oh/24h; sun 1Oh/22h.


Chateau Alpino - Estr. de Aldeia, km 4,5 (municipio de Camaragibe), 17 km, tel. 459-1328; cc: all, 19h/24h. Closed mon.


Leite - Pça. Joaquim Nabuco, 147 (Sto. Antonio), tel. 224-7977; cc: Ae, D, Mc, 11h/16h. Closed Sat.

0 Navegador - R. Julio Pires, 68 (Boa Viagem), tel, 465-5722; cc: all, 19h/2h, Fri 13h/2h. Closed sun.

Famiglia Giuliano - Av. Eng. Domingos Ferreira, 3980 (Boa Viagem), tel. 326-2448; cc: all, 11h3O/1h.

Plates - R. Luis Inacio Pessoa de Melo, 81 (Parthenon Recife Flat) (Setubal), tel. 462-1803; cc: all, 12h/15h, 19h/24h.

Recife Antigo - Comunidade Luso-Brasiteira (Forte do Brum) (Recife Antigo), tel. 224-1781; cc: Ae, D, Mc, 11h3O/l5h. Closed sat/sun.

Galo d'Ouro - R. Gen. Joaquim Inacio, 515 Tel.423-8157; cc: Ae, D, Mc,11h3O/l6h.

Galo d'Ouro - R. Camboa do Carmo, 83 (Sto. Antonio), tel. 224-2699; cc: Ae, D, Mc, 11 h/17h. Closed sun.

Baby's - Av. Mq. de Olinda, 85 (Recife Antigo), tel. 224-0997; cc: Ae, D, Mc, 11h3O/l5h3O. Closed sat/sun.

Night Life

The recently renovated Centre district, Recife Antigo, is a popular night spot, where you can find many atmospheric bars with live music.

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